Geometria - Ger§cs László [f§oldal] [bemutatkozás] [letöltés] [MTV-Repeta-matek] [Gyakorlofeladatok]
  Geometry - László Ger§cs [english] [introduction] [download]



Let´s explore the beauty of geometry!

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Ptolemy and his famous theorem

In this chapter, after we have solved two introductionary exercises, we get know the theorem of the excellent greek mathematician: Ptolemaios Claudios. And we will see the applicability of this theorem.

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The orthic triangle

In this chapter we will see how many exceiting conclusion we can draw by measuring the orthic triangle of the isosceles triangles. In addiotion we will be able to generalize some characteristic of all the orthic triangles.

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The Simson-line

The scottish mathematician, Robert Simson discovered this special line with which we get know here. After that, we have the opportunity to discover on our own of the many characteristic of the Simson-line.

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Napoleaon Bonaparte is regarded to have discovered the so called: "interesting triangles" which we call now: the Napoleon-kind triangles. This chapter is about these triangles and their special features.

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The Torriccelli point in the triangle

Pierre Fermat, the great mathematician asked Torriccelli to help him by solving a problem. The worldfamous italian physicist managed to solve it qucikly. Since then we call it: the Torriccelli point of the triangle.

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Flash-toon about the bees

We have added a flash-toon here about how the bees achieved to discover the easiest and most optimal way of constructing their apartments.

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Geometria - Ger§cs László [f§oldal] [bemutatkozás] [letöltés] [MTV-Repeta-matek] [Gyakorlofeladatok]
  Geometry - László Ger§cs [english] [introduction] [download]